I have already lost count of the days we have been stuck at home since this movement control order (MCO) was decreed. Even today, we still read from the news that there are many people going outside. This is like a teacher asking the school children to sit still in a class. There are always some naughty ones who would not sit still. This MCO period will present a challenge to all of us. No matter how difficult, we have to face it, with failure or with glory, living or dying. This war, against the pandemic requires us to best demonstrate our consciousness of citizenship and it is also the best time to show our self-discipline.

We don’t know how long this pandemic will last, perhaps months, or years. We really have no clue now. But what we know for sure is that the new virus may appear in future. This is not our first pandemic, nor will it be the last. On one hand, all governments will learn to deal with any pandemic effectively and with minimum loss to their society. The government leaders need to decide, plan and take appropriate actions. On the other hand, what we as a citizen can do? Fundamentally, each one of us should start by mastering this important self-discipline lesson; firstly, obey and abide by the rules and regulations set out by the government. Secondly, adapt our living, habits, career and studies accordingly. Keep calm, maintain exercising, and keep safe and healthy. This may not be a revolution. A tiny change in our attitudes can lead to huge result if we do the change properly.

1 Self-Consciousness 
First, we should understand our own needs and targets. Then, we should be aware of our own characters, capabilities and situation. That way, we can satisfy our own needs and achieve our targets with our own efforts and without breaking any external rules. If we know ourselves, we can be proactive, without waiting for instruction from leaders or superiors. We should always remind ourselves to improve our ability and efficiency, so that we can move towards the right direction with less wrongdoings and more effectively.

2 Self-Control

Self-Control means one thinks three times before doing anything. One would reason our action and consider its consequences carefully. You feel like going out, when you are suppose to stay at home. You feel like drinking a cup of bubble tea, when you plan to lose weight. You feel like playing computer/mobile game, when you have not completed your homework. You feel like chitchatting in the social media, when you should be doing exercise. In short, we ought to be able to resist many distractions and influences. We can learn to control and resist. A simple way is to remind ourselves. Such as: “do your homework”, “exercise” and so on. These reminder message will be conveyed to our mind, and our mind will control our body.

3. Self-Reflection

It may be inevitable that we make mistake from time to time. Therefore we ought to confront the mistake bravely, and find out why it happened. After self-reflecting, we may feel ashamed. We would adjust our mindset, distinguish right from wrong, adopt positive thinking, fix the mistake and avoid making the same mistake again.

4 Self-Motivation

There are weak moments that we feel like giving up self-discipline. We therefore need self-motivation guide rules which mean: when to relax and when to push ourselves.


Lau Wai Fun






1 自我了解


2 自我控制


3 自我反省


4 自我激勵