About Us

Hatchers Sports Club is formed by a group of professionals from different industries, with a shared passion in sports.

We, HATCHERS, wish to promote the well being of our members. Besides building a brand for our club and teams, we strive to improve the commercial worth of each member player.

A member player is more than just an athlete. Besides receiving formal and systematic training in a particular sport, they will also receive training on living skills.

A successful sports system requires a balance of both professional sporting and living skills.


To hatch is to incubate. Hatchers Sports Club wishes to develop our member players, through a series of transformation programmes, to bring the best out of them.

Our member players are expected to ascend with high achievement.

The Chinese Name of Hatchers Sports Club is 焱鸷, read as “Yan Zhi”.

yàn – 火花,火焰。
zhì – 凶猛的鸟,如鹰、雕、枭等。 凶猛:鸷强(勇猛)。鸷悍。勇鸷。鸷而无敌。
鸷有如鹰, 不畏风暴的阴遏影响,飞向云霄。也正如我们的球队,不畏惧、奔向成功的道路。