Article from Coach Lau

April 16, 2020

如何建立相互的信任? 刘慧芬/文 此次疫情可说是曝露了人与人之间的信任危机。这些信任危机一直都存在着,只不过是这场疫情残酷地催化了致使大家不得不面对各个关系上的信任问题。如果大家都能够多一份信任,减少不必要的小人之心(度君子之腹),这个世界就会变得更加美好。 请参阅贴文中建立相互的信任之两大要素。 大家共勉之~ #确保健康饮食 #维持适量运动 #分隔但不分离 #建立相互信任 #良好的沟通 #体现个人修养  

April 16, 2020
How to Build Mutual Trust?

HOW TO BUILD MUTUAL TRUST? WRITTEN BY LAU WAI FUN This pandemic has exposed a crisis of trust among our own people. This pandemic further aggravates the abyss of mis-trust. The world will be much better if we genuinely share positive thinking to overcome our common problems at hand. Please spare some time to read…

March 29, 2020
How to Cultivate a Lifetime of Self-Discipline?

I have already lost count of the days we have been stuck at home since this movement control order (MCO) was decreed. Even today, we still read from the news that there are many people going outside. This is like a teacher asking the school children to sit still in a class. There are always…

March 13, 2020
How to boost one’s immune system during this coronavirus pandemic?

Sufficient Sleep Sleep 7-8 hours a day. This will help to recover from tiredness, to keep mind and body healthy, and to guard against illness. Exercise Outdoor Regularly Maintain at least 30 mins of physical activities every day. Such as jogging, playing ball games and swimming. An athlete may need to exercise 1-2 hours, but…