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April 30, 2020

筹募善款 COVID-19 FUNDRAISING INITIATIVE 这场前所未有的疫情除了威胁了大家的生命与健康,也影响了大家的生计。所幸的是很多人都能够变通,逐渐适应了新常态。可惜那些弱势群体在这个非常时期却是非常无助的,所以我们希望集合大家的正能量和善心一起帮助这些弱势群体,战胜疫情、挺过难关。 Beside hurting our lives and health, this unprecedented pandemic has also affected our livelihood. Fortunately many of us are able to adjust and adapt to this new norm. Unfornately, there are still some vulnerable groups who are helpless at this diffucult and crucial moment. Hence, we wish to pool your…

April 16, 2020

如何建立相互的信任? 刘慧芬/文 此次疫情可说是曝露了人与人之间的信任危机。这些信任危机一直都存在着,只不过是这场疫情残酷地催化了致使大家不得不面对各个关系上的信任问题。如果大家都能够多一份信任,减少不必要的小人之心(度君子之腹),这个世界就会变得更加美好。 请参阅贴文中建立相互的信任之两大要素。 大家共勉之~ #确保健康饮食 #维持适量运动 #分隔但不分离 #建立相互信任 #良好的沟通 #体现个人修养  

April 16, 2020
How to Build Mutual Trust?

HOW TO BUILD MUTUAL TRUST? WRITTEN BY LAU WAI FUN This pandemic has exposed a crisis of trust among our own people. This pandemic further aggravates the abyss of mis-trust. The world will be much better if we genuinely share positive thinking to overcome our common problems at hand. Please spare some time to read…

April 7, 2020

UNITED IN ISOLATION Thank you fellow players from different countries & teams for supporting our activity. In this difficult time, when we are all compelled to stay in our own homes, we still persist to show our team-spirit and spread positive vibes to fight this coronavirus together. 分隔不分離 感謝來自不同國家以及不同球隊的球員們熱心參與這項活動,讓我們在這艱難時期,即便身在不同的地方,困在各自的家裡,也能一起合作展現出籃球員的團結精神,散發出滿滿的正能量給大家,共同抗疫。 *** *** *** Also many thanks…

March 18, 2020
Hatchers Basketball Academy Class cancelled notice

As Malaysia goverment announced there will be Movement Restriction throughout the country, all sports and activities must be stopped and postponed. Hatchers basketball academy will also cancelled our class until further notice. We will inform the replacement class date and time when is available. Thank you! Please also remember to wash your hands frequently and drink…

October 10, 2018
MWBL 2018 Season Pass

The MWBL 2018 Season Pass is available for booking now!
WhatsApp 017 – 492 8968 (Ken) for more information.

October 9, 2018
The 5th Malaysia Women Basketball League (MWBL)

10 teams confirm competiting in the 5th MWBL which creating a glorious history in Malaysia Women Basketball.