Afril Bernardino |  #3


Number 3
Name Afril Bernardino
Nationality Philippines
Position Small Forward
Height 172cm
Weight 64kg
Birthday 03 April 1996


3 years back-to-back UAAP MVP, Afril Bernardino is a popular player in the women’s basketball circle. Type her name on Google, you will see a list of her achievements and related videos. She is one of the main players of National University Philippines, and also the player of the Philippines National Team.

Afril is a born basketball talent. She only started playing basketball 7 years ago, when she was 15 years old. Idolizing Micheal Jordan, her play style is eye-catching and as strong as the men’s players. Other than the incredible ball handling skills, her precise senses on the court also equips her to perform strong rebound.