Charmaine Ooi Poh Yee  |  #8


Number 8
Name Charmaine Ooi Poh Yee
Nationality Malaysia
Position Small Forward / Power Forward
Height 175cm
Weight 63kg
Birthday 12 March 1993


Poh Yee always looks stressful with her frown on the court. However, we believe this serious face and attitude of hers is attractive and has built a not-small-size fan base.

Unlike most players who want to be the top scorer, Poh Yee will sacrifice that spotlight to protect the basket. For Poh Yee, defense is equally important as attack because every successful defense gives an opportunity to attack.

Don’t say we never warn, her defense is overkill and thus, her strongest asset.

She is currently the Women Basketball National Team player, who is also the Gold Medalist of SEA Games 2017.