Crystal Choo Ru Yi  |  #15


Number 15
Name Crystal Choo Ru Yi
Nationality Malaysia
Position Center
Height 178cm
Weight 74kg
Birthday 26 August 2002


Crystal wasn’t interested in basketball when she was younger. However, due to the advantage of her height, she was selected in the school team by the coach. From not being able to nicely receive a ball pass from the teammate, now she is one of the key scorers in the team.
Being a 16-year-old girl, she is already a player in the National Junior Selection Team after the Under 15 National Tournament last year. Kudos!

Crystal may look cool from her appearance especially to those who are not close and familiar to her. It’s just because she’s shy and on her way learning to express herself better, but we assure you that she is a good girl. Once the trust is built between you and her, she will go all out for you on the court!