Foo Suet Ying |  #19


Number 19
Name Foo Suet Ying
Nationality Malaysia
Position Forward / Center
Height 175cm
Weight 65kg
Birthday 24 November 2000


Foo Suet Ying, we call her Kiki. She is now one of the most popular basketball goddesses. Her energy is inexhaustible. She is never tired for a training, especially when she was 12-13 years old. She believes the more tired she is, the more she gains. During a match, Kiki is always on the court, normally for the full 40 minutes. “Going-all-out” is her spirit, no matter how messy she looks.

Since 14 years old, she has won countless of individual awards, and there are more coming her way, with her right attitude and talent in sports. Undeniable that she is one of the most potential players for Under 18 category.