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ZWhey Protein

RM 6.00

Why is Protein Important?

  • Sources of energy production for daily consumption.
  • For the growth and repair of body cells.
  • Fighting viral and bacterial infections.
  • Building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.
  • Repairing and maintaining muscle tissue.

Total Nutritional Supplement for Everyone's Needs

Each sachet contains:

  • 32g of Whey Protein, made from New Zealand Fonterra pure milk.
  • BCAA in order to reduce muscle sore and pain, and to increase fat burning.
  • Molasses which comprises rich minerals, particularly iron and magnesium, in order to help to relax muscle, to prevent poor bones and to provide body energy.
  • Vegetable fat which provides body energy for endurance sports; and is easily digested.

Individually packed (60g) in order to avoid nutrient loss, oxidation and contamination. Reasonable ratio for best body absorption: 1 pack for 1 drink.